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In memoriam: Our friend and Seattle artist, Randy Jones

   2016-12-02 03:27:00
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Randy Jones, Seattle artist and graphic designer, behind the mobile he made for Eyes on Fremont that hung in the shop for the past 19 years. 

A bittersweet turn to the mark of Eyes on Fremont's 20th anniversary was the untimely passing of a dear friend and inspiration, Randy Jones.

A few words and images about Randy from one of Eyes on Fremont's original owners, Linda Jangaard: 

"All of us at Eyes on Fremont will miss Randy Jones. He died unexpectedly. He had a wonderful sense of humor and we saw him often whenever we needed a graphic designer. Randy was very important to the image of Eyes on Fremont because he created our now iconic logo. 
In addition to the logo, Randy produced our first business card. He used what is now often called the "ransom note" format at a time when this was quite unusual and not commercially available. ...Randy would custom design business cards for each individual employee. It became a kind of ritual whenever a new employee joined us... everyone got to make his or her own card because Randy would painstakingly offer each person several options from which to choose."  
 L to R: templates for all the previous employees of EOF up to 2008, and the first business card made for Stan, the owner. It is notable that to his time of death, Randy hand cut all the letters from actual print, rather than using a computer to generate his font. A lost art!

Besides the graphic work he did, Randy was best known for his "found art" constructions.   His mobiles were an art staple of our shop for over 15 years. You can see some of the art pieces he made over the years here:

It's possible you've seen his work here and there, around town!

Randy at one of Eyes on Fremont's art night openings, late 1996. In the "early days",  Eyes on Fremont hosted art parties for Fremont neighborhood's art walk night.

Randy was a kind soul and we thank him for his generous spirit.  

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Customers around the Shop: Victoria

   2016-11-26 21:00:00
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Уход за ножками+любимые летние лаки!

   2016-11-13 00:37:24
Мой уход за ступнями ног включает в себя минимальное количество средств, но позволяет содержать их в ...
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   2016-10-31 20:55:00
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Тэги: best, evil, eyes, eyewear, fight, fremont, optical, seattle, shop

Автоматический анализ коммерческих факторов

   2016-10-25 17:45:24

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