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Highbrow society: The double bar design dominates the eyeglass world

   2017-08-15 03:52:00
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Тэги: aviator, bar, best, cool, double, every, evil, eyes, eyewear, face, fight, fremont, funky, glasses, great, place, seattle, shop, trends

Customers around the Shop: Mindy C.

   2017-08-08 20:40:00
< ...
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Тэги: 2017, accord, best, buy, classic, every, evil, eyes, eyewear, face, fight, fremont, glasses, great, place, rim, round, seattle, stylish, tie, trends, wire

A little run through, from Ashley M.'s current line up...

   2017-07-17 22:04:00
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Тэги: abram, andy, caroline, cool, evil, eyes, eyewear, fao, fashion, fight, flex, fremont, glasses, luxol, seattle, wolf

Meet our summer intern from Holland: Merijn Hoppenbrouwers

   2017-07-13 02:41:00
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When he’s not showing off his dad ROGER’s funky frame designs, Merijn rocks the classic combo look by Victory Optical.

We have a few new faces around the shop this summer... 

Say hi to Merijn (pronounced “Merin”) next time you’re in- he’s our cool transplant from Holland, fresh out of school and ready to jump into the wild world of Opticianry!  We are guessing this line of work will be second nature to him as it runs in his family: Merijn is the son of the ever-popular Dutch eyewear designer, Roger of ROGER Eye Designs.  We are happy to take him under our wing for July

Тэги: best, buy, coolest, design, every, evil, eye, eyes, eyewear, face, fight, fremont, glasses, great, independent, optical, place, roger, seattle, shop, victory

Case of the Mutuals of Brittany: Richard Ferrand was heard by the PJ of Rennes

   2017-07-07 21:00:15

A preliminary inquiry was opened on June 1, eight days after the revelation of a property deal ...
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Тэги: case, facts, ferrand, hot, news, richard

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